Ingeteam’s INGECON H2 C-lyzer converters are responsible for supplying direct current so that the electrolyzers can split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. The power and control electronics of the electrolyzer power supplies is therefore a key aspect of the production of green hydrogen by electrolysis, the power supply of an electrolyser having a major impact on its efficiency and its degradation.

For Harkaitz Ibaiondo, Director of Ingeteam’s green hydrogen business, “the fact that we have won these first three orders for different customers, in different countries and on different continents and in a relatively short period, demonstrates the confidence that our technology aroused among our customers”.

These first orders reinforce Ingeteam’s value proposition and its commitment to the green hydrogen sector, an industry with high growth potential where the company has a lot to contribute given its extensive experience in the field of hydrogen. power electronics applied to the production of renewable energy.