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Do you work in the public service sector? Do you wish to benefit from a repurchase of credit specially dedicated to the statute of a civil servant? To find the best loan consolidation offer, it’s easy: use a comparator. The latter will allow you to be put in contact with professionals of the pool of credits to maximize the reduction of your monthly payments at the best rates.

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You are in possession of different credits and you are overwhelmed? Applying for the payday loan consolidation via loan consolidation company – Paydayloanhelpers.com can be a solution in order to rebalance its budget. You can extend the duration of your monthly payments or reduce the interest rate.

On a daily basis, consolidating your loans into one can greatly simplify your efforts. You can repay your loans in peace, by addressing a single agency, while benefiting from monthly repayment to the extent of your ability to repay.

A specific solution for civil servants?

The Employee Credit Redemption is for people working in the public service, namely:

  • state officials
  • local government officials
  • the officials of the Public Hospital Service and the European Public Service
  • employees in the ASD and public state institutions, companies and public bodies

Facilitated steps for the public service

Being employed in the public service often leads to job security. This guarantee, appreciated by the financial organizations, also allows you to benefit from a repurchase of credit for civil servants.

This type of transaction has many financial benefits for you. Financial professionals offer solutions tailored to your business profile. You may, for example, benefit from facilities with respect to the repurchase of credit.

The advantages of the process

The purchase of official loans offers you several possibilities such as reducing monthly payments, lowering the interest rate, … Besides, it allows you as an official to build a solid case against financial organizations.

You will also be able to access all financial restructuring solutions for loans: consumer loan buyback, Sansa, real estate …

The set of “classic” laws of the redemption credit are also applicable to your situation: law Neiertz, law Scrivener, law Murcef … for more information, consult the fact sheets on Redemption credits.

Credibility against financial organizations

Banks and credit institutions give public servants more confidence. In fact, the security of their employment makes it possible to provide guarantees as to the repayment of the monthly payments of the various loans.

If you want to lighten your financial situation by grouping your different loans under a buy-back credit for civil servants, the easiest way is to get in touch with professionals and take stock of your situation. You will also be able to access offers such as the loan transfer, the official loan, …

A dedicated service

Adapted to your professional situation and to the specificity of your status, the repurchase credit official offers a personalized solution to restructure your financial situation. Each of your requests is treated with care and is evaluated according to your ability to finance but also risks that may be incurred.