Mario went through three particular periods of super fame. One in the mid-90s. One is apparently on the way out, brought into the world of performing his games on DS and Wii. The other, however, was in the ’80s. The big handyman was quite famous by then, to the point that he didn’t just have a top-notch video game series. He also had the premium book from Japan.

This book was called Super Mario Bros .: The Complete Strategy Guide (ス ー パ ー マ リ オ ブ ラ ザ ー ズ 完全 攻略 本), and as you can probably guess from the title, was only a system guide. Distributed by Tokuma, it was composed by the staff of the organization’s Family Computer Magazine (Famicom) and, as noted in an extraordinary report on Magweasel, was torn from a mix of advice previously distributed in the magazine and again. material composed especially for the book. .

Sounds exhausting, while still being a straightforward technical guide to what was then the greatest computer game ever considered for book offerings. Delivered just over a month after the Famicom variant of Super Mario Bros. was released on October 31, 1985, it sold over 600,000 copies in just two months to become the best-selling book in Japan for the year.

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