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Digest is a brand new, A3-sized magazine: a seasonal digest of culture that surrounds the world of the creative professional; a lifestyle publication that provides inspiration for the discerning traveller; a reminder that the world away from our computers is ripe for exploration.

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So what exactly is in #1 of Digest? Scroll down to find out...

Café Culture for Modern Nomads A Visit to the Åpent Bakeri

In the heart of Oslo there is a café that has captured the heart and inspiration of Marte Marie Forsberg. She explains what she looks for in a café when it comes to work space, and why the Åpent Bakeri has her so enamoured.

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Words Marte Marie Forsberg

Photographs Marte Marie Forsberg


Elliot Jay Stocks expounds the joys of the us-inspired craft beer revolution that has found its way to the uk in recent years. Traditional notions of bland British ales, be gone!

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Words Elliot Jay Stocks

Illustrations Paddy Donnelly

Go Ape for Office Graffiti

Offices have traditionally been bland work- spaces, low on personality and inspiring creativity only when it comes to innovative escape plans. Thankfully, things are changing. Many companies now appreciate that in order to attract and inspire creative employees to work for them, they need to create an environment sympathetic to this goal.

We’re starting out in Atlanta, Georgia, at the headquarters of MailChimp, who see their wallspace as a blank canvas.

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Words Aarron Walter

Photographs Jason travis

The Art of Mondo

Kieran Masterton explores the alternative movie posters released by Mondo that have captured the hearts of film-lovers worldwide.

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Words Kieran Masterton

Images Mondo / various

B.B, ESQ. & London’s New Generation of Gent

James Allen and Elliot Hammer are the impeccably dressed creative duo behind London agency Birch. But outside of their ‘day jobs’ James and Elliot curate b.b, esq.1 — a guide to London for a new generation of gentlemen — that’s fast becoming our first port of call for restaurants, bars, and sartorial recommendations in the city.

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Interview Keir Whitaker & Elliot Jay Stocks

Photographs Harry Watts

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New York A City Guide

Daniel Howells’ frequent visits to New York have left him enamoured with the American city. Here, he highlights his favourite spots in nyc in a deeply personal guide that’s as suited to a first-timer as it is to a seasoned traveller.

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Words Daniel Howells

Illustration Aaron Robbs

Frequently Flying

Sarah Parmenter — like many designers on the speaking circuit—is something of a frequent flyer. She opens her carry-on for Digest and demonstrates the art of packing for the plane.

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Words Sarah Parmenter

Photograph Harry Watts

Maxwell’s House

Colonna and Smalls, in picturesque Bath, is a speciality coffee shop unlike most others, employing several uk barista champions. We sat down — over a coffee, of course — with owner Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood.

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Words Keir Whitaker & Robert Mills

Photographs Harry Watts

Ducksoup London's Rustic Revolution

There’s a quiet revolution going on right in the heart of London’s bustling Soho district and it’s all about bringing food back to basics. Forget nouvelle cuisine Ducksoup is all about celebrating the simple, fresh flavours of rustic dishes from around Europe.

Writer and photgrapher Marte Marie Forsberg caught up with Ducksoup’s Head Chef Julian Biggs to find out just why simple and honest food is worth celebrating.

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Words Marte Marie Forsberg

Photographs Marte Marie Forsberg

Herb Lester All Mapped Out

The team at Herb Lester Associates have built a business around their beautifully-illustrated pocket maps of the world’s favourite cities. Keir Whitaker takes a look at their distinctly analogue take on check-ins.

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Words Keir Whitaker

Photographs Elliot Jay Stocks

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The Home Bartender

Why go out when you can bring the party to you? Ben Bodien takes our hand and leads us into the wold of home bartending, from buying the essential kit to making our very first Daiquiri.

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Words Ben Bodien

Illustrations Ed J Brown

Urban Hiking Theatre District, Downtown L.A.

Los Angeles is known for its film industry and the rich history within Downtown Los Angeles’ Theatre District is often overlooked. Elke Harper takes us on an urban hike past many of the decaying, transformed, or revitalised theatres, movie palaces, and many other points of interest.

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Words Elke Harper

Illustration Laura Coyle

The Design Cycle

Few subcultures have permeated the web industry as much as cycling. It’s not surprising when you think about: cycling is a wonderful fusion of the technical and the creative. On the technical side there’s everything from bike maintenance to building your ride from scratch; on the creative side it’s the routes you pick, and the bike you choose to ride.

Richard Shepherd has hand-picked three hardcore bike-loving web professionals and asked them to share their cycling stories.

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Words Richard Shepherd

Photographs Ed J Brown

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